Olbermann's Ratings Reality Check (UPDATED)

In a "Quick Comment" on Countdown tonight, Keith Olbermann explained why his show isn’t going to be canceled in terms so simple even your average right-wing nutter can understand:


I didn't see this until now, but Keith posted a piece over at Daily Kos late last night about the show's ratings:

Anatomy Of A Right Wing Wish

Forgive me for using a script from tonight's show as a base from which to expand my point. But over the last few days I have watched as a pretty shoddily researched "purpose pitch" of a web piece on my show's ratings has been converted by the rampant right wing bias of the media into actual published reports that the program is facing imminent cancellation.

Let me cut to the chase (since this is besides the point, except insomuch as it contradicts the meme): the show isn't about to be cancelled. It isn't slumping. MSNBC isn't worried about it. NBC isn't worried about it. It is making them a ---damned fortune, in fact (and they'd owe me a ---damned fortune if they did cancel it, which they aren't going to).


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