MSNBC's Mitchell Mocks Palin By Writing ‘Cheat Sheet’ On Her Hand

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell didn't take kindly to Sarah Palin’s "cheat sheet" while the Teabggers' Ball while answering pre-screened questions off the palm of her hand during her 20 minute pre-screened Q&A!


On MSNBC’s Daily Rundown this morning, Andrea Mitchell reported that “one of the most interesting things” from Sarah Palin’s appearance at the Tea Party Convention this past weekend was the notes written on her hand. “Very clearly,” Mitchell observed, “were some cheat sheets.”

Mitchell then mocked Palin by displaying her own hand, which had some handwriting on it. Holding up her hand for the camera, Mitchell joked that she wrote some things down “just in case I didn’t remember” what she wanted to say:

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