More Winger on Winger Violence: Levin Rips Beck (UPDATED)

A couple of days ago, I posted about Jonah Goldberg's attack on Andrew Breitbart for his unhinged responses to questions at CPAC from people like Max Blumenthal and others:

"He doesn't always come across as a crack addict on ten espressos"
Well, there's more winger on winger verbal violence to report.

Glenn Beck attacked fellow rethugs at CPAC for being just a bad as democrats at times, implying that the GOP has also become too progressive.

Right-Wing hate radio host, Mark Levin, went on Facebook & ripped Beck (via ThinkProgress):
I have no idea what philosophy Glenn Beck is promoting. And neither does he. It’s incoherent. One day it’s populist, the next it’s libertarian bordering on anarchy, next it’s conservative but not really, etc. And to what end? I believe he has announced that he is no longer going to endorse candidates because our problems are bigger than politics. Well, of course, our problems are not easily dissected into categories, but to reject politics is to reject the manner in which we try to organize ourselves. [..]

Finally, Beck is fond of congratulating himself for being the only or the first host to criticize George Bush’s spending. This is demonstrably false. … And as someone who fought liberal Republicans in the trenches when campaigning for Reagan in 1976 and 1980, I don’t need lectures from Beck, who was nowhere to be found, about big-spending Republicans.
He continued his assault on Beck during his radio show yesterday:
Levin isn't the only nutter going after Beck either. Read more about them at Think Progress...


Also see MeMeMeMeMe's piece, "Glenn Beck is Starting to Scare the GOP Establishment"


Now Rush Limbaugh is getting into the act:
Rush Limbaugh rebukes Glenn Beck — for attacking Republicans:

Fox News host Glenn Beck has been a central target of liberals -- they've even pushed to have advertisers boycott his show for allegedly racist comments he made last year. But now he's getting it from the right. Specifically: Rush Limbaugh.


"I would not have said that the only people who can stop Obama should be excoriated for being just as bad," he said according to Mediaite. "It would never occur to me to say that. I don’t know what the objective would be."

Limbaugh usually doesn't hold back on his criticisms of others, but chose his words carefully when pushing back against the conservative lightning rod and Fox host whose popularity has surged in the last year.

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