Maddow & Olbermann on Weiner's: GOP is a 'Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of The Insurance Industry'

This is what a real Democrat looks like. Rep. Anthony Weiner took to the House Floor yesterday and not once, but twice declared his House Republican colleagues are a "wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry":

As you can see he Rep. Dan Lundgren took issue and rather than whimper away like so many of our Democratic reps might have, Wiener got right back up and continue to assail the lying, bought & paid for minions of the health care industry for standing in the way of and all health care from legislation while claiming to want to be part of reform.

Last night, both Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow had a great segments on it.

First, Keith reviewed the days events, including the Anthony Weiner-GOP slap down before discussing the health reform summit & bipartisanship with the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein:
Will the GOP sabotage reform?

But it was Rachel segment, one that led off with powerful intro about health insurance companies goal of making money before addressing Rep. Wiener's congressional rethug slap down, that was a thing of beauty:
American health is not a business goal

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