HCR Summit: Media Does Some Actual Fact-Checking For A Change

Videos via the DNC:

CNN Fact Check: Democrat's Health Care Plan Will Lower Premiums

Norah O'Donnell Sets the Record Straight

Overall, What They're Saying About the Health Care Summit:

Even Fox hosts & regular right-winger guests had moments of journalistic integrity (via Media Matters).

Shep Smith destroys Sen. Thune's false claim that Senate health bill will increase premiums: "That's not true, Senator"

AP FACT CHECK: AP Fact Check: Health care bill would reduce most individual insurance premiums

The [Congressional Budget Office] analysis estimated that average premiums for people buying insurance individually would be 10 to 13 percent higher in 2016 under the Senate legislation, as Alexander said. But the policies would cover more, and about half the people would be getting substantial government subsidies to defray the extra costs.

As the president said, if the policies offered today were offered in 2016, they would be considerably cheaper under the plan, even without subsidies. One big reason: Many more healthy young people would be signing up for the coverage because insurance would become mandatory. They are cheap to insure and would moderate costs for others.

Moreover, the analysis estimated that almost 60 percent of the people covered under individual policies would qualify for subsidies, bringing their own costs down by more than half from what they pay now.


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