Check Out What O'Reilly Edited Out From His Jon Stewart Interview

Gawker did a great job compiling & reviewing the segments Fox "news" spinmeister Bill O'Reilly cut from his interviews with Jon Stewart.

What's surprising is that Fox even took a chance on posting the full interview at all, but then again, the average age for his viewership is 62, so most probably won't be surfing the web looking for O'Reilly's actual unedited interviews where he's made a fool of over & over & over again.

Via Gawker:

'I'm Not Saying Your Mother's a Whore': How Fox News Censored Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly
Fox News has generously placed the full, unedited conversation between Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart online, so we can see precisely how unfairly and deviously Fox edited the interview in order to weaken Stewart's case: A lot!

Last night on his show—Part Two of a ludicrously overhyped "faceoff" between O'Reilly and Stewart in which Stewart attempted, among other things, to present a critique of Fox as a fear-mongering GOP messaging operation—O'Reilly boasted that his edit of their 42-minute interview for broadcast was "a fair cut" and invited viewers to have a look at the unedited version online to judge for themselves: "Some of these idiots in the press who hate us, 'O'Reilly cut the interview to make Stewart look'—OK, all of that is bull. It's a fair cut. And then when you watch the cut and watch the whole interview you'll see it."

So we took him up on the offer, and guess what? If by "fair cut" O'Reilly means "cut in a manner that left some of Stewart's best lines, most effective arguments, and most convincing evidence out of the interview and hidden from the broadcast audience," then he's absolutely right.

see the cut pieces...
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