SHOCKER: Bill O'Reilly LIED (again).

Bill O'Reilly took one part of a CBS poll - Obama's approval numbers (46%) - and switched them out for the numbers on the poll question specifically about Obama handling the Christmas day botched terror attack (57%). to make the claim that most Americans disapprove of Obama's handling of the Christmas day attack.

That of course is a lie (via Media Matters):

O'Reilly uses poll showing 57% approval for Obama attack response to claim Americans "not thrilled" with response

From the January 12 edition of The O'Reilly Factor:

O'REILLY: President Obama's poll numbers continue to slip. New CBS poll, which is usually friendly to the president, has Mr. Obama's job approval rating at just 46 percent; 41 percent of Americans now disapprove. That is the president's worst showing in this poll. The Rasmussen daily tracking poll also has the president's approval rating at just 46 percent with a whopping 53 percent of registered voters -- likely to vote, I should say -- disapproving. Now, Talking Points predicted that last week with Dick Morris -- I said Americans were not thrilled with President Obama's rather unemotional response to the Christmas Day terror situation.

[...] The CBS poll O'Reilly cited, conducted January 6-10 and released on January 11, found that "57% of Americans approve of the way the Obama administration has responded to the attempted terrorist attack, and 29% disapprove":

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