Prez Hands House Rethugs Their Asses at GOP Retreat (UPDATED)

If you have 90 minutes, you must watch this stunning back and forth between President Obama and House Republicans at the House Republicans' retreat in Baltimore. Let's just say GOP leadership is regretting agreeing to Obama's request for cameras/live coverage.

If you can't watch it now, C-SPAN will be re-airing it again tonight at 8PM (via C-SPAN):

President Obama spoke to House Republicans at their retreat in Baltimore. In his remarks he said he welcomed disagreement and debate, but called for genuine bipartisanship and asked for constructive ideas in confronting the nation's problems. Following his remarks he openly and frankly answered pointed questions from the Republican legislators. Topics ranged from health care, to energy policy, to taxes and the economy.

This was also broadcast, in full, on CNN & MSNBC. FOX showed it too, well most of it anyway, When it became clear the President Obama was dismantling GOP talking points, talking point by talking point, they couldn't take it anymore and cut away.

I'm sure they will do a full and through reporting of the event over the next 24 hrs. LOL.

Luke Russert: GOP aides concede they should not have let Obama Q&A session be televised

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