Olbermann Rips Limbaugh's & Robertson's Haiti Reactions; Then It's Maddow's Turn

Last night, Keith Olbermann lit into Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson's vile reactions to the catastrophe in Haiti.

"Mr. Robertson, Mr. Limbaugh, your lives are not worth those of the lowest, meanest, poorest of those victims still lying under that rubble in Haiti tonight. You serve no good. You serve no God. You inspire only stupidity and hatred. And I would wish you to hell. But knowing how empty your souls must be for you to be able to say such things in a time of such pain, I suspect the vacant, purposeless lives you both live now are hell enough already."

Robertson blames Haitians for earthquake

Jan. 13: Quick comment: Countdown’s Keith Olbermann responds to Pat Robertson’s accusation that the Haiti earthquake was the result of a “deal with the devil” the country made in the 19th century to gain freedom from France.

Media figures draw wrong conclusions about Haiti

Jan. 13: The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson talks about the attempt by some members of the right-wing media to politicize the tragedy in Haiti.

Then, it was Rachel Maddow's turn. After she was done, the Haitian Ambassador shamed the hell out of Pat Robertson:
Shameful new low for Pat Robertson

Jan. 13: Rachel Maddow exposes televangelist Pat Robertson for blaming the devastating earthquake in Haiti on "a deal with the devil" 200 years ago.

Haitian ambassador shames Pat Robertson

Jan. 13: Raymond Joseph, Haitian ambassador to the United States, addresses the outrageous claim by televangelist Pat Robertson that the earthquake suffered by Haiti is the result of a 200 year old "deal with the devil."

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