Matthews Confronts Jonathan Martin About Politico Being Cheney's Stenographer

On yesterday's Hardball, while discussing Dick Cheney's -out-from-his-cave again attacks on President Obama, Chris Matthews confronted Politico's Jonathan Martin about being Cheney's personal stenographer & "news conduit."

Also see Raw Story's piece on how Politico’s Mike Allen was slammed by numerous bloggers & reproters for being Cheney's ’stenographer’ (h/t Crooks & Liars):

The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan labeled Allen “Cheney’s Chief Spokesman” and quipped that Cheney should “be paying him.”

“There he goes again,” Sullivan said of Allen, “the mouthpiece for Rove and Cheney, believing his ‘access’ as a stenographer makes him a journalist. It doesn't. It makes him a stenographer.”


’s Glenn Greenwald, who has long argued that Politico is too deferential to conservatives, accused Allen of “[f]aithfully serving as Cheney's press secretary” on his Twitter feed Wednesday.

“Dick Cheney uses Politico like Sarah Palin uses Facebook: a venue to spout false statements to the press without being challenged,” Greenwald wrote, alleging that the article fails to scrutinize Cheney’s claims or apply them fairly based on the Bush administration’s actions.


Conservative watchdog Media Matters blasted Politico for failing to vet Cheney’s own possible culpability in his charges against Obama.


“So to sum up: Dick Cheney sends Mike Allen a press release, which Mike Allen then copies-and-pastes it into a 'news article' without mentioning key facts that would undermine Cheney's press release,” Foser continued. “Aren't you glad Politico got a spot on the Pulitzer committee?”

Politico really is just a GOP bulletin board,” Foser posited.

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