Massachusetts: They Actually Lost Ted Kennedy's Seat

They actually lost Ted Kennedy's seat.

They being the idiots who thought it was OK for President Obama to turn the Health Care Bill into a Health insurance give-away (Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Max Baucus, Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, etc.).

They being the idiots who thought it was OK for the President Obama to spit in the face of the Democratic base ((Rahm Emanuel, Joe Lieberman, Max Baucus, Ben Nelson, etc.).

They being the idiots who cast the base aside with the arrogant belief we had no where else to go so we would accept abhorrent things like forcing everyone to buy insurance without the benefit of a strong public option to keep costs, and the insurance companies, in check. Or, the most devastating reversal of woman's righ's that was coming not from a Republican congress and administration, but from a Democratic one (Rahm Emanuel, Joe Lieberman, Bart Stupak, etc.).

They being the "new' DNC who we've barely heard word one from from since Conservadem, DLCer Tim Kaine took over and the Sen. Bob Menendez, the head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), who took their eye off the ball in Massachusetts -- if they ever had their eyes on it in the first place -- for what can only be acknowledged as arrogance in thinking we couldn't possibly lose Teddy's seat. Their complacency is shameful, and maddening.

They being us, the base, who have been so democralized that we couldn't do anything about what was happening right before our eyes with leadership, that we couldn't bring ourselves to fight like this was 2006 or 2008 again. But who can really blame us for our lack of passion?

While many of the beltway blowhards and Conservadems & DLCers like Evan Bayh, Joe Lieberman & Harold Ford, etc., area already saying this was Independents telling Democrats and President Obama that they shouldn't have done health care -- at all -- that the message is we should be more centrist, when, in fact, the real message is that Independent voters smelled bullshit and they wanted more from health care bill that was being shoved down their throats.

They saw right through the corporate sellout that the Democratic leadership became, allowing the health care bill to become one giant giveaway to the very insurance companies we elected Democrats to take on in 2008.

Unlike Democrats, Independent voters don't have any built in allegiance, tying them them to a party that would blind them from what was right there in front of their noses: One giant corporate sell-out not by the obstructionist party who was united in their lies and propaganda against a new President for a variety of most vile and contemptible reasons, but by the party they wholeheartedly supported in 2008 becuase they believed what they were being sold.

And, contrary to what those blowhards and Conservadems might try to say Independent voters' message was, it wasn't that they didn't want health care reform.

What they wanted was health care reform that they were promised buy the President and the Democrats they elected.

But, let's not forget the base of the Democratic party, who also played a role in last night's loss. They were also sending a message. As they did in Virgina and New Jersey when then didn't show up in force and/or passion.

They, we, rightfully felt abused and manipulated by the Rahm Emanuels whispering in the President's ear, but by the president himself and felt no passion for supporting the party until it was too late to really do anything about it.

They, like Independent voters who were angry enough to come out and switch sides to send their message, were out in full force because the administration didn't do enough, not too much, in the health care bill.

But that's not the message mealy-mouthed Dems will take from losing Kennedy's seat becuase, that's not the message the bloviating beltway know-nothings want them to take.

That's my rant, for now.

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