Jon Stewart v Keith Olbermann

My opinion won’t surprise anyone… I take Keith’s side. Not because I don’t actually think Jon Stewart has a point – he’s probably right – but because we need some of our own to fight fire with fire, I don’t mind Keith’s over-the-to-ness every now & then. Besides, every adjective he uses is spot on provable.

On Thursday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart called out Keith Olbermann for ceding “the high ground and wallows in the swamp of baseless name-calling.”

Special Comment - Keith Olbermann's Name-Calling

Keith Olbermann cedes the high ground and wallows in the swamp of baseless name-calling.

On Friday’s Countdown, Keith Olbermann Responded:
Olbermann to Jon Stewart: Call me

Countdown’s Keith Olbermann responds to Jon Stewart picking apart his Special Comment on Sen.-elect Scott Brown, R-Mass., with an invitation: Play the name-calling game, or invite Olbermann on “The Daily Show.”

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