Hume: Only Way For Tiger Woods To Achieve "Forgiveness & Redemption" is to Convert to Christianity (UPDATED)

The single most arrogant man on television, Fox News' regular, Brit Hume, called on Tiger Woods to be "a great example to the world" by converting to Christianity, as it would be the only way to "forgiveness & redemption," seeing as Buddhism, Woods' faith, doesn't offer any such path.

From Media Matters:

From the January 3 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday:


Imus, of all people, takes Hume's hubris to task (via Think Progress):
Fox Business’ Imus Mocks And Fact-Checks Fox’s Brit Hume, Reports That He’s Wrong About Buddhism


Hume went on The O’Reilly Factor to whine about the negative reaction he has received, and he doubled down:

Via @JC_Christian: Hope Brit Hume's Christianity soothes his guilt over gay son's suicide.
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