FOX Poll: Majority Think Obama Handled Botched Attack Properly (51% to 33%)

Even in this new Fox Poll, Obama's approval rating is at 50% (with 42% disapproving), while a majority (15%) also think the Obama administration handled the attempted bombing properly (h/t SantaFeMarie):

  1. Do you approve or disapprove of how the Obama administration handled the attempted bombing of a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day?

Approve 51%
Disapprove 33%
Don't know 16%

Check out this John McCain question (yes, they're still polling Obama vs McCain):

12. If John McCain had become president, do you think he would be doing a better job, a worse job, or about the same kind of job as President Obama?

* Better 26%
* Worse 40%
* Same as 27%

And they're still not blaming the economy on Obama:

23. Who do you think is more responsible for the current state of the economy - - President Obama, former President Bush or Congress?

* Obama 6%
* Bush 36%
* Congress 30%
* Combination 20%

read the full poll results...

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