Dick Cheney Is Giving Aid & Comfort to Our Enemies & Undermining the Country.

In a new “Quick Comment” segment on last night’s show, Keith Olbermann accused Dick Cheney was encouraging America’s enemies by the type of criticism that he levels at President Barack Obama’s handling of national security issues and that he was undermining the country.

It was short, but sweet.

Rep. Alan Grayson had been on the Ed Show last night discussing Dick as well:
Well, on this evening’s Rachel Maddow show, Rachel had on Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter and he went off on Cheney for the same thing:
PS: Oh, and Republican Congressman Ron Paul got into the act:
Ron Paul hits back at Cheney: ‘He’s caused a lot of trouble’ for the U.S., so it’s ‘best he not be so critical.’

Yesterday on CNN’s Larry King Live, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) sharply criticized former Vice President Cheney — a member of his own Party — for throwing stones at President Obama on national security:

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