Countdown/Richard Wolffe Bombshell: Intelligence "Conspiracy" or "Cock-Up?" (UPDATED)

During last night's Countdown, Keith Olbermann & Richard Wolffe were talking about steps Obama is taking, needs to take, in order to prevent another terrorist attack when Richard Wolffe laid a bombshell on Keith:

Was the failed sharing of information about the bothced Christmas terrorist attack a "conspiracy" or "cock-up?"
The Obama administration is looking into the possibility that there was some sort of foul play with regards to terrorist information being intentionally withheld by the intelligence community either from each other, or from the President, in some sort of conspiracy. Or, was is simply "cock-up?"
A stunned Keith was joined be Arianna Huffington where they continued discussing this possible bombshell:
Richard then walked it back a bit when he appeared on Rachel Maddow's show, via the phone, a little while later:
What's really going on? Only time will tell. But if Richard's implication is proven true, there is a much greater threat to this country than from and terrorist trying to blow up a plane.

As Keith mentioned, President Obama will make a statement today around 4pm. Will this bombshell be addressed? Who knows. But, someone needs to get to the bottom of this.

Hello Congress? Can you hear them now?


Here's President Obama's statement today:
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