Are NRCC spokesman Andy Seré, & his "Half-Naked, Bel-Ami Boy Friends," Gay?

Innuendo works both ways, bitch.

The NRCC, the GOP body devoted to electing Republicans to the House, is now gay baiting Democrats):

The National Republican Campaign Committee has a child running their press outreach, and apparently the GOP frat boy thinks it's funny to insinuate that Democrats are gay, simply based on innuendo (which is ironic, when you see his photo). You see, the NRCC spokesman informs us, repeatedly, that the candidate in question cares about "his body image." And we all know what it means when a guy cares about his body image.

Let me be clear, I'm not suggesting that the NRCC spokesman or any of his (international) male friends are gay. I'm simply admiring his soft boyish looks, his seeming obsession with homosexual innuendo and the male form, and his incredibly muscled, half-naked, Bel-Ami boy friends who like to get together for long hot weekends without the necessity of all that clothing covering their tight sweaty pecs.

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