"You Jewish fuck." (UPDATED w/ APOLOGY)

Got this lovely Pulitzer Prize winning gem today from chriskemp (christopherkemp@live.com):

You jewish fuck. Ever read Leviticua? Its a book in what you call the Torah. That means first five books. Anywhoo, you're penchant for sucking other guy's cocks is reason to have your worthless ass stoned.

I would not throw any stones, because I ain't a Jew. I would leave it for other Jews.

You are an ignoramus. If this nation that has given you and your ilk safe harbor should fall in full-fledged communism (which is what you are longing for in your leftward leanings) be afraid. Be very afraid. The government that you have helped empower may very well come after you.

Have you ever studied 1930's Europe? A little something happened there that you may want to take note of. It happened at the very same ideological hands that you seek to empower here.

Chris Kemp
Blythewood, SC
Show Chris some love guys: (edited his email out now that he has apologized and I've accept his apology)

He tried to post this on President Obama's West Point Speech (in Full), but it was really worthy of it's own post.



Here he is on Facebook: (edited out now that he has apologized and I've accept his apology)


I thought you'd guys like to know that Chris sent me this apology earlier today. I'm not sure how I want to responded yet, but I knew I definitely wanted to post it:

I am so very sorry for the hateful and horrible things I typed on your Blog Tuesday night. I apologize to you personally and to all of your friends that visit this site. There is no excuse for my behavior. Whether I agree with your views or not is no reason to spew the crap I did.

I'm sitting here flushed with shame and embarrassment for having written such stupid things. I'm my own problem, not you or whomever is in DC. I've set the beer bottle down and stepped away from it.

Thankfully, someone "jane from hell" sent me an email last night to call me out on my hypocrisy - I had forgotten about my "posting". When I looked it up and read it in a sober state I was dumbfounded by my own foolishness.

I was laid off in February, have judgments against me for failing to pay debts, am close to losing my car and going into foreclosure. Six months behind in alimony and have an IRS lien. Obviously, the solution to all of that is to get blindingly drunk and post things on the internet.

I've received some well-deserved criticism by way of Facebook and emails and have responded to all of them with apologies. I surely don't deserve it, but I am asking to be forgiven. I'm not a christian nor do I go to any church or have anything to do with organized religion.

For whatever its worth, I wish you and all of your readers success and all of the best things in life. I won't bother you again.

Chris Kemp
Blythewood, SC
I'd be interested in hearing what some of you guys think about his apology? I mean, isn't this what an apology is supposed to sound like? He sounds sincere. No, "I'm sorry IF I offended" half-assed sentiment we usually get from politicians and cable news haters.

Your thoughts?

Apology accepted, Chris.

After thinking about your apology for a while, I realized that I’ve said some terrible things that I later truly regretted (some of which still haunt me to this day). And, since your apology was sincere – one that came obviously from your heart – it would be awfully childish of me to not accept it.

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