Yawn: Another Right-Wing Domestic Terrorist, w/ 35 Pipe Bombs is Caught, and Our National Media Ignores

Another would-be domestic terrorist was caught with bomb-making lab and it doesn't even make the national media's radar (Tiger Woods is so much more important). 35 pipe bombs, guns (with silencers) & drugs were found in ex-doctor Mark Campano's Ohio apartment.

From Crooks & Liars:

Gee, for some reason, this story hasn't managed to make it out of the local news and into the national headlines:

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio – Following a pipe bomb explosion Monday night, police and federal law enforcement officials are trying to figure why a Center Avenue man turned his apartment into a bomb factory.

Police said no charges have been filed against Mark Campano, 56. Police found 30 completed pipe bombs in his apartment along with components to make more, plus 17 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Campano is in an Akron hospital with injuries received when one of the bombs exploded.

As police and federal authorities puzzle over Campano's past and what he planned to do with the bombs, a former neighbor said Campano often railed against the government.

Barbara Vachon lived next door to Campano at the Center Park Place Apartments for several years and said he was a big reason she moved.

"He was always trying to get me and another neighbor to listen to anti-government tapes and watch anti-government videos," said Vachon. "I would never watch them. He was some kind of radical, and he didn't believe in the government."

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More from the NY Daily News:
Mark Campano, 56, was charged Wednesday with one count of unlawful possession of a pipe bomb, according to assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Edwards. Campano appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Benita Pearson, waived a preliminary hearing and was held on the charge by federal marshals.

The charge carries a possible penalty of 10 years in prison, Edwards said.


Earlier in the day, FBI agents dressed in head-to-toe white protective hazardous materials coveralls and plastic gloves carried bags of materials out of Campano's apartment.

It wasn't clear what they took from the ground-floor apartment, which sits next to a park in a residential area in this city about 20 miles southeast of Cleveland.

The explosions that shook the apartment complex Monday night "sounded like someone hit the window as hard as you could once and it reverberated throughout the building," said Rob Clancy, 27, who lives upstairs and two doors down from the blast scene. "It happened twice about 35 seconds apart."

Campano told an officer that he was attempting to load shotgun shells when one blew up in his hands, according to a police report. He was taken to an Akron hospital with severe injuries to his left hand and arm and taken into custody after he was released from the hospital Wednesday.

Handguns were strewn about the apartment, police said, and one gun had a silencer and a pistol was found in Campano's car, the police report said. A large amount of elements used to make various types of weaponry were also taken from the apartment, according to the report.

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