Three Reasons to be Proud of the NY State Senate over the Failed Gay Marriage Bill

I was thrilled that someone got these videos up all in one place. I watched the NY State Senate debate the Gay Marriage bill and while almost all of the Democrats floor speeches were great, these three truly stood out and deserve more attention:

Thanks to DKos' dedmonds for getting them posted all in one place:

As dedmonds states, despite the bills ultimate failure, "there are at least three reasons to be proud of the New York Senate today."

NY State Senator Diane Savino

If there's anything wrong or any threat to the sanctity of marriage in America, if comes from those of us who have the privilege and the right, and we have abused it for decades. [...] We have nothing to fear from people who are committed to each other, who want to share their love and protect one another in the event of sickness, illness, or death. We have nothing to fear from love and commitment. My only hope, Tom, is that we pass this bill, the governor signs it, and then we can learn from you, and you don't learn from us.

NY State Senator Eric Adams

Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, District of Columbia, and Nebraska. All states that at one time or another sold blacks into slavery and participated in legal slavery. Because the numerical majority is in one place does not mean they're in the right place. We're in a position right now where we have to lead the country to the right place.

NY State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson

I cannot do justice to the beautiful story she shares of her gay older brother, a brother who she clearly loved, a brother that she has never publicly revealed was gay until today. She tells the story of his rejection by her parents and by his country. She tells the deeply personal story that lead her, despite her religious convictions, despite the fact that she knew her own church would disapprove, to support marriage equality.


Nobody elected me to be the moral arbiter of their decisions. But they did ask me to provide leadership. [...] The decisions that I help to make on this floor are about total rights for all the people that I serve.

read more of dedmonds poserful take on these speeches....
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