Sprint Nextel's 8 Million Warrentless Wiretaps Using Automated "Pings" & GPS

8 million times in just over one year, Sprint Nextel provided law enforcement agencies their customer locations using automated “pings” & global positioning system (GPS).

Is that registering?

Between September 2008 and October 2009 -- during the 2008 primary & general election -- Sprint Nextel domestically spied on it's customers over 8 million times -- without warrants no less!

This brings Domestic Spying up to a completely new level.

From WIRED: (h/t AmericaBlog)
Sprint Nextel provided law enforcement agencies with customer location data more than 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009, according to a company manager who disclosed the statistic at a non-public interception and wiretapping conference in October.

The manager also revealed the existence of a previously undisclosed web portal that Sprint provides law enforcement to conduct automated “pings” to track users. Through the website, authorized agents can type in a mobile phone number and obtain global positioning system (GPS) coordinates of the phone.

The revelations, uncovered by blogger and privacy activist Christopher Soghoian, have spawned questions about the number of Sprint customers who have been under surveillance, as well as the legal process agents followed to obtain such data.

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