SHOCKER: Fox's Bret Baier Distorted CBO Report to Claim Premiums "Will Actually Go Up"

Media Matters calls out Fox News' anchor, Bret Baier for, get this, distorting the CBO Report that claims most premiums will go to to claim premiums "will actually go up" under the Senate's Health Care Reform Bill. Yup. A Fox "news" stenographer has distorted the truth. I know!

On Fox News' Special Report, anchor Bret Baier misrepresented the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) analysis of the Senate health care bill's effect on insurance premiums by claiming that "depending on how you read" the report, insurance "premiums for many people will actually go up" under the bill. In fact, CBO estimated that premiums would only increase for individuals purchasing insurance on their own -- about 17 percent of the insurance market in 2016 -- and that affordability credits would substantially lower costs for many of those individuals, a majority of whom would receive those subsidies through the exchanges.

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