Rachel Maddow's Fiery Interview With "Ex-Gay Therapist" Richard Cohen

Rachel Maddow was on fire last night.

Uganda is about to pass a law that would put gays to death for.... being gay.

Human right's groups are appalled. Unfortunately, few in the media are are explaining how all this came about and how many Republican U.S. Senators & Representative -- Member of Congress who are closely associated with "The Family" and who spend a lot of time in Uganda spreading their special kind of Christianity (along with members of the Evangelical community) -- are at the root cause of this hateful turn the Ugandan government has taken over the past several years against gays.

(Reps. Bart Stupak & Joe Pitts; Sens. John Ensign,
Chuck Grassley, James Inholfe & Tom Coburn)
In addition to these Senatorial "C-Street" thugs, is of particular note, Pastor-in-hate Rick Warren.

He "wonders why there's so much fuss" (see here, here & here & here), yet refused to address how knee-deep in this anti-gay movement he is.

Of course, Warren has gone silent about his Ugandan connection, refusing to speak out against the very actions his special kind of Christianity has wrought.

Also see this Truthout article for more background: Gay Rights Go Global


Well, Rachel Maddow has been on it from the beginning (see here, here & here).

Which led to a story about "an American man who claims to make gay people straight by cuddling with them" and the connection it has to the law being debated right now by the Ugandan.

It culminated last night, as Rachel delved into this man & his cuddling with Mark Benjamin, a reporter who went undercover in this 'cure" movement for Salon.com, just prior to her interview/confrontation with the man himself, Richard Cohen.

Like I said, Rachel was ON FIRE last night.

First, here's her segment with Mark Benjamin. It is followed by her unbelievable confrontation with snake oil charlatan, Richard Cohen.

If you only have time to watch one, what the second, but it would be really insightful to learn more about the movement from Mark Benjamin first.
The story behind 'curing' gays

Dec. 8: Mark Benjamin, national correspondent for Salon.com, describes for Rachel Maddow what he learned reporting undercover on the "ex-gay" movement.

Debunking a ‘cure’ for homosexuality

Dec. 8: Rachel Maddow confronts author Richard Cohen about his claims that he can cure homosexuals and about use of those claims to persecute homosexuals around the world.

Some countries have already threatened to cut off all financial help if this proposed law goes into affect.

Sweden appears ready to cut part of the $50 million in aid it sends Uganda (h/t Queerty):
Sweden has joined the growing list of countries heaping pressure on Uganda to discard a proposed law that would severely punish homosexuality.

According to comments attributed to Gunilla Carlsson, Sweden’s development assistance minister, the Swedish government says it would cut aid to Uganda over an anti-gay law they find “appalling”.

“My number two at the ministry, who has direct contact with the Ugandan government, has brought it up,” Ms Carlsson recently told Swedish Radio News. “We’ve talked about it in Uganda, and I’ve also tried to speak to the kind of organisations in Uganda that are the target of the legislation.” Uganda receives about $50 million in development aid from Sweden annually.

Swedish Radio News reported online, in a November 30 article, that the Scandinavian country would consider discontinuing development aid to Uganda if the law was introduced.

“I’m doubly disappointed, partly because Uganda is a country with which we have had long-term relations and where I thought and hoped we had started to share common values and understanding,” the minister is quoted as saying.

“The law is wretched, but it’s also offensive to see how Ugandans choose to look at how we see things, and the kind of reception we get when we bring up these issues.”

Though France and U.S. Condemn Uganda's anti-gay bill, shamefully, the U.S. has no plans to cut of aid at this time.

Ms. Hillary, Wherefor Art Thou?

This is what the anti-gay bill's author had to say about the U.S. and France's condemnation:

In an article published in Uganda's Observer newspaper on Monday, the author of the bill, lawmaker David Bahati, argued that “homosexuality is not a human right.”

“The fact that the moral fabric of America and Europe has been put under siege by the supporters of this creeping evil of homosexuality should not suggest that we follow suit,” said Bahati, reports AFP.


Canadian PM warned Uganda on anti-gay legislation:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada (pictured) privately warned president Yoweri Museveni of Uganda over the weekend about a proposed law that would include the death penalty for gay people in the African nation.

Harper pulled Museveni aside to express his opposition during the biennial Commonwealth summit held in Port of Spain in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, according to the Toronto Star.

"’It was not discussed multilaterally; however I did raise it directly with the president of Uganda and indicated Canada's deep concern, strong opposition and the fact we deplore these kinds of measures,’" Harper said during a news conference on Sunday, the Star reported.

"’We find them inconsistent with frankly, I think, any reasonable understanding of human rights, and I was very clear on that with the president of Uganda,’" said Harper.


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