Oops, Fox Did It Again: Graphic "Misreports" TARP savings by $198 billion

I wonder who's going to get fired for not just one, but two "mistakes" in a 24 hours period under their new "Zero Tolerance" policy?

From Jed Lewison at DKTV:

Earlier Tuesday, President Obama said that at least $200 billion had been saved from the TARP program, savings that he plans to use to help fund his new job creation initiatives.

A few minutes later, Fox took that $200 billion figure and lopped off the zeros, reporting it as a $2 billion savings in their on-screen graphic, understating the President's comments by $198 billion.

UPDATE (via Dkos): Here's another "Fair & Balanced" slip by Fox in which they claim 120% of the public is skeptical of global warming science. Now that's the definition of an unscientific poll...

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