Lieberman vs. Lieberman

A new SEUI ad has clobbers Sen. Joe Lieberman's over his hypocrisy on the use of the filibuster -- which he always thought was what was wrong with Washington, but is now threatening to use in order to stop real Health Care Reform.

Joe vs. the American People

In 1995, Sen. Joe Lieberman - then a member of the minority party in the Senate - took a risk by proposing legislation to curtail use of the filibuster. The bill, co-sponsored with Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), would have ended the Senate filibuster as we know it, making it easier to pass legislation through the infamously slow-to-act U.S. Senate. That was then.

Now, in 2009, Joe Lieberman is prepared to be the only person standing between health insurance reform and the American people. He is threatening to be a one-man filibuster, preventing Connecticut voters from having a voice on health insurance reform. Sign the petition reminding Joe that he opposes the use of the filibuster.

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