Job Creation: Democratic Administrations vs.Republican Administrations

Notice anything unusual in this graph Jed posted yesterday? No? Come on. Look a little closer....

We, "Socialist thugs are better at creating private sector jobs."

In light of the good news in today's jobs report, here's something that the Republican loons who call President Obama a socialist thug should wrap their minds around: since 1959, the average private sector job growth under four-year Democratic administrations is 11.7%. Under Republican administrations, it's 5.4%.

In other words, during the four years of a Democratic administration, private sector job creation has, on average, grown more than twice as quickly as it has under Republican administrations.

That's right: the communist-fascist-socialist thugs trying to destroy America are actually better for its private sector economy than the freedom-loving teabaggers who claim to be trying to save the nation from tyranny.


If you're still skeptical, the raw numbers are here. Check 'em out. Meanwhile, I'm just looking forward to hearing Glenn Beck's conspiracy theory on why these numbers are false.

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