It's All About Joe (UPDATED)

A new ad campaign by The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is targeting Sen. Joseph Lieberman for his opposition to the public option. Its main message is really quite simple: "It's not about you. It's all about Joe."

There's even a website to go along with this campaign: AllAboutJoe.org.

Unfortunately, i fear that none of this will matter. Just look at how Lieberman behaved yesterday after President Obama came to Capitol Hill to rally Democrats.

According to several Senators, the President didn't mention the public option in that meeting. Lieberman couldn't contain his excitement afterward, boasting about that fact as if that meant he was right and everyone else was wrong about the public option:

Lieberman was beaming as he left the room. He was happy to retell the story when HuffPost asked him what Obama had said about the public health insurance option, perhaps the most contentious issue still facing Democrats as they negotiate their way toward a final health care reform bill.

“Well, it was interesting to me — of course everybody hears with their own ears — that he didn’t say anything about the public option,” said Lieberman. “In other words, when he outlined how far we’ve come on the bill, he talked about the cost-containment provisions; he talked about the insurance market reforms; and he talked about enabling 30 million more people to get insurance. He said these are historic accomplishments, the most significant social legislation, or whatever you call it, in decades, so don’t lose it.”

The man is a vile pig and if he retains his Chairmanship after this whatever happens to the Democrats in 2010 will be well deserved.

UPDATE I: The NY Times has a piece about the ad campaign: Anti-Lieberman Ad Points to ‘Public Option’ Support
A liberal advocacy group is broadcasting a new television ad accusing Senator Joesph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, of ignoring his constituents’ needs by opposing the creation of a new government-run health insurance plan — the so-called public option.

Mr. Lieberman has voiced staunch opposition to the public option, which many Democrats support and is included in both the health care legislation passed last month by the House and the bill now being debated on the Senate floor.


The ad features John Mertens, the chairman of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party, a group that was formed to support him as an independent in the 2006 election but has since broken ranks. Mr. Mertens says that he wants to explain Mr. Lieberman’s position on the public plan and notes that according to some polls Connecticut residents support the idea of a government run health-insurance plan by three to one.


The ad is being broadcast in Connecticut and in Washington with a modest initial time-slot purchase of $40,000. The group says it will raise money to pay for more air time.

Adam Green, the co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, said the group was seeking to hold Mr. Lieberman accountable for holding the health care bill hostage.

“Joe Lieberman promised Connecticut voters in 2006 that he would be there on core Democratic issues like health care reform,” Mr. Green said. “This tongue-in-cheek ad holds Lieberman accountable for putting his own thirst for the spotlight ahead of the overwhelming will of Connecticut voters who demand a public health insurance option.”

In an email, Adam Green sent me the following:
POLL CITED IN AD: CT voters want public option 68% to 21%

WASHINGTON MONTHLY: Lieberman's 7 shifting explanations for opposing public option.

QUOTE: "Joe Lieberman promised Connecticut voters in 2006 that he would support core Democratic issues like health care reform. This tongue-in-cheek ad holds Lieberman accountable for putting his own ego ahead of the overwhelming will of Connecticut voters who demand a public health insurance option." -- Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Can you chip in $10 to help put it on TV? Something has to be done despite that fact that I think he won't budge. Perhaps I'm wrong, but at minimum, this kind of pressure is important for getting him out of the Senate in 2012.

The more speak out against the President's agenda, the Democrat's big health care agenda and the base of the party, the more ammo there is against him.

Here's how Lieberman has responded to the fact that 68% of his constituents support the public option (via Greg Sargent):

Asked for comment, Lieberman spokesman Marshall Wittmann emails a response:

“Senator Lieberman supports health care reform that will expand access, improve quality, lower costs and will not burden the economy or increase the debt. That may not be the agenda of narrow ideological interest groups but those are goals that the Senator believes are in the interest of the people of Connecticut.”

The shot at “narrow ideological interest groups” appears to be directed at PCCC, and the response seems to sidestep questions about the public option’s popularity with Connecticut voters, instead claiming that Lieberman’s opposition to the provision is rooted in what the Senator himself believes is in their best interests. Which, of course, won’t do anything to mollify Lieberman’s enemies.

read more....
I truly loathe this man.

Again, can you chip in $10 to help put it on TV?

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