Here Are Several Law-Enforcement Officers Michelle Malkin Forgot to Mourn

columnLakewood, WA, into a rallying cry against liberals -- blaming us, for these horrific deaths while trying to claim we didn't care that four officers were killed.

Never mind the fact the it was conservative Mike Huckabee, while still Governor of Arkansas, who commuted this killer's sentence, setting the stage for this to horrific murders spree.

Here's she is doing her best to lay these murders, along with the general climate of that permeate from the right, according to a report from Homeland Security, at the feet of the left. Fortunately she fails miserably:

The Left has a popular mantra: “Stop the hate.” Why don’t they start applying it to the men and women who protect and serve?


The Left’s police-hating chickens are coming home to roost. While partisan liberals have gone out of their way to blame conservative media and the Tea Party movement for creating a “climate of hate,” they are silent on the cultural and literal war on cops that has raged for decades – and escalated tragically this year.


From where does the deadened and deadly callousness toward the thin blue line come?


President Obama — Chicago pal of police-targeting Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and the convener of the national beer summit to indulge his race-baiting, police-bashing Harvard professor friend Henry Louis Gates — did not attend the service.

Well, I've got a few other officers here she seemed to have forgotten about:

Pittsburgh officers Eric Kelly, Paul Sciullo III and Stephen Mayhle, gunned down by budding neo-Nazi Richard Poplawski, because he believed the officers were part of a nefarious plan to take citizens' guns away.

Security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns, shot down by extremist nutcase James von Brunn at the Holocaust Museum.

Okaloosa County sheriff's deputies Burt Lopez and Warren "Skip" York, gunned down by right-wing nutcase Joshua Cartwright, who believed right-wing propaganda that President Obama was going to take his guns away.

Here's David's resposne to Michele's question, "From where does the deadened and deadly callousness toward the thin blue line come?"
Oh, I dunno. Maybe it comes from conservatives like Michelle Malkin, who shriek and holler when mean "liberals" at the Department of Homeland Security issue an important bulletin to law-enforcement officers warning them of the threat posed by right-wing extremists to their health and well-being, crying that in doing so they're just "smearing conservatives."

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