Doctor Who "The End of Time" Trailers and a New 3 Minute Preview!

Here are some earlier trailers for Doctor Who "The End of Time." Part 1 premieres this Saturday at 9 pm est & 6 pm pst on BBC-America. It will repeat numerous later in the evening & again next Saturday just before Part 2 premieres. Check you local listings.

This one is via Damon Cap at BSReview:

“The End of Time” will be the last Doctor Who story thats features David Tennant as the tenth Doctor and it will also be the last story to be written by Russell T Davies. The episode will see The Master, who is the Doctor’s nemesis return.

This one is via Jay Tomio at BSReview:
Doctor Who - The End of Time - Trailer #2

This one is also via Jay Tomio BSReview:

...BBC has revealed another trailer and group of promo images for the Holiday Who extravaganza.

Finally, here's s 3-Minute Preview (!) of the final installment of Doctor Who with David Tennant, "The End of Time" (also via Jay Tomio at BSReview):
Earlier in the month we got our first look at David Tennant in “The End of Time, and last week we got a trailer for the David Tennant swan song from the Doctor Who franchise. We now have another look, a 3-minute sneak peak.

I'm going to miss David Tennant. Who won't be the same without him.

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