Democrats Have Fucked Up Nearly Everything Progressives Worked Our Asses Off For (UPDATED)

Health Care Reform is one giant giveaway to the insurance companies and the Rahm Emanuel Blue Dogs/Conservadems who do their bidding. Rather than do what he was elected to do-- produce real health care reform with game-changing steps to insure more people for less -- President Obama drew no lines in the sand and allowed a handful of of corporate, back-stabbing DINO's destroy real reform (and ultimately the party for the conceivable future).

Instead, he sent Rahm Emanuel out to force the majority of Democrats -- the progressive base -- to negotiate away their values and health care goals, while allowing a handful of obstructionist Blue Dog/Conservadems to hold reform hostage (for their Rethug friends) until the bills were so watered down that it can't possibly be seen a real reform (not matter how many time Obama/Emanuel try to trumpet it as such) by the very people they now desperately need to help keep them in power in 20102 & 2012: The base.

Real Democrats were forced to give up single-payer even before negotiations started, having to accept a "public option" as the alternative. Then that was watered-down beyond anything recognizable to anyone paying attention to even the most basic of details (while some of the most basic details being trumpeting by the White House -- like no more lifetime limits on coverage -- are really bullshit (you can also see here, here, here & here for that scam).

And now, the Senate is unilaterally removing the "public option" altogether, for the so-called fake Medicare buy-in that will not cover nearly as many as most people think and will do nothing, absolutely nothing to bring down the cost of health care reform or force the insurance companies to providers better care for less. Oh, and which is once again being forced down progressives throats whether they like it or not because, "we can't let health care reform fail even if this bill 'isn't as perfect' as we we would like.' or so they keep telling us.

A second economic stimulus is now needed because President Obama didn't listen to the economists who didn't help cause the mess in the first place. They all said the stimulus needed to be $1.2 Trillion (not $800 Billion). They all said that is it must all go for jobs creation (shovel ready projects) and not 35% going to tax cuts. They all said this had to be done as such, so the stimulus would be truly affective and not just done to stabilize, but thrust our economy forward.

Instead, President Obama relied on the very economists who either helped create the mess going all back to the Clinton administration (Larry Summers & other Robert Rubin acolytes of failed economic policy) or more recent Wall Street apologists/protectionists (Tim Geithner).

Don't even get me started on the so-called financial reforms (also see here) that the White House keeps on trying to water-down (also see here).

Don't just take my word for it. In poll after poll the Democratic based is shown as apathetic, demoralized and furious towards party leadership (see here, here, here, here, here, here, & here).

I could go on listing all the things Obama didn't do the way he said he would (this isn't about Obama not doing things fast enough). But really, what's the point? They all look & sound like Health Care Reform and the Economic Recovery Act do: Half-assed.

When you have 40% of Democrats saying they will likely stay home in 2010, the Democratic party is not doing what the base -- screw the country -- elected them to do.

And NO amount of well-crafted speeches or false-trumpeting of reforms that anyone with half a frontal lobe can see is shit, will save them from their half-measure and corporate sell-outs.

Obama's (and Congressional Dem's) numbers aren't just terrible now because the few rethugs that supported them, and the independents who came out in favor of them in 2006 & 2008 have deserted him. It's because progressives feel lied to0, abused, manipulated and demoralized -- Rahm's DLC modus operandi.

To be more like rethugs in order to obtain the unattainable bipartisanship -- Rahm has once again destroyed the party (see crushing defeats of 1994).

What Howard Dean built, Rahm Emanuel has destroyed. More importantly, President Obama allowed him to destroy it.

I for one, have had enough. Those 40% understand what has been done (or not done) and, they, we, will be staying home.

The irony is, House Democrats have been doing what we elected them to do, because of the progressive numbers we got them in 2006 & 2008. But, it's the House that's going to be punished most in 2010 while the Senate basically walks away unscathed (maybe losing 2 - 3 seats), despite the fact that's it's the Senate Dems and the White House who have stifled all their work almost every step of the way.
I should have listened to the little voice in my head that said Obama wasn't going to be the man -- the President -- that I thought he would be when he chose homophobic hate-monger & christian zealot, Rick Warren, to give his inaugural invocation.

Ever since then, whether it be on social issues or fiscal & security one, Obama has spent too much time trying to appease those who will always disagree with him -- leaving the rest of us out in the cold.

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