CNN's Sanchez Rick-Rolls Sen. Ensign Over Affair & Ethics

CNN's Rick Sanchez just Rick-rolled Nevada GOP Sen. John Ensign, who basically came on to continue bashing President Obama & to continue fear-mongering over the botched Christmas eve terror attacks -- as the good rethug that he is -- but Sanchez was having none of it.

Sanchez dove right in to Ensign's affair with the wife of an Senate aide, and the senator's questionable attempts to cover it all up.

Ensign was dumbfounded, to say the least.

A must watch (via TPM):


Partial transcript (h/t MeMeMeMeMe):
Sanchez: It behooves me to ask you...I know this is a very difficult thing for you...are you under an investigation right now by the Senate Ethics Committee

Ensign:...I've commented all I needed to comment on that...

Sanchez: Hold on! Hold on! I gotta stop you there...Here, let me show the viewers what we're talking about. This is a picture of you and Doug Hampton. This is from the New York Times website. And the question has to be asked, Senator: did you help him get a job because you felt bad for him, or because you had been sleeping with his wife and you wanted to get him out of the way?
And it only went downhill for Ensign from there.

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