Bravo, Mr. President. Bravo!

Congratulations, Mr. President.

In just under a year, you’ve wiped away all the joy many of us felt watching you overcome the greatest of odds to become the 44th President of the United States.

In just under a year, you took all those hopeful, proud feelings and with just a handful of boneheaded actions – or in some cases inaction –and shit all over the possibilities your election meant to this country.

Rick Warren: You asked one of THE most hate-filled religious zealots in the country to give your inaugural invocation. This alone should have been enough of a warning sign to question my support of you, but I’m a glutton for punishment I guess.

DOMA & DADT: You are vigorously defending Bush’s DOMA & nearly went into reverse gear on campaign promises on DADT. Even most military leaders think DADT should be repealed and yet you couldn’t even be bothered to use your executive order privilege to temporarily stop the practice while you reviewed the best way to proceed (something most scholars claim you could have done constitutionally).

Rahm Emanuel: The fact that you immediately took the worst of the Clinton era and hired it, hired a person whose career was been built upon corporatism, mediocrity & the selling out of core democratic values at every turn in order to gain shot-term, political wins, was stunning.

You didn’t need progressives to fall in line, you needed the minority of Blue Dogs &Senate Conservadems too – and that wasn’t going to be the result of having this thing as your chief of staff.

Joe Lieberman: How does it feel to know Joe Lieberman – the man whose senate position you stepped in to save despite what the majority of Senators wanted to do – has your “terrorist sympathizing,” “anti-Israeli” balls in his vice, and doesn’t plan on letting them go until your presidency collapses?

Even then, he might want to keep them as a trophy to hang on his new corner office wall at CIGNA, Blue Cross, or AETNA.

The party wanted him punished, instead you rewarded him.

Economic Stimulus: Everyone but you, Rahm and Larry Summers knew the original stimulus was not only too small, but shouldn’t have included any tax cuts (let alone having them consume 35% of an already too small stimulus bill). Yes, we get why you did the tax cuts part, and if you had learned the lesson that the GOP will spit on you at EVERY turn and didn’t repeat this mistake over & over & over since, you might have been forgiven. On everything else that has come along you haven’t, and it can’t.

Bank Bailouts: You gave mindboggling sums of money to the very institutions that caused the near-Depression with almost no conditions or restrictions. Their promises to do the “right thing” by the nation they already screwed, was good enough for you at the time. And well, golly gee. It turns out they lied. Whodathunk it?

: You might be working to close Cheney’s monstrosity, but let’s be honest. You’re simply moving the some of the horrors of Gitmo from one location to another. You have every intention of holding some detainees, without trail, indefinitely. That was something you railed against the Bush administration for during your campaign. There’s a lot of that going on, and your base has noticed.

War Crimes : Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Yoo, Bybee, et al., are all guilty of war crimes. That’s not hyperbole. It’s a fact. Instead of blocking attempts to hold them accountable – while they take to the airwaves to denounce you as ‘dangerous,’ ‘weak,’ ‘naïve’ and/or ‘anti-American’ – perhaps you should think about future generations of Bush’s, Cheney’s, Rumsfeld’s, Yoo’s & Bybee’s and the horrors they will know ahead of time can be gotten away with while inflicting them on the future nation, because you were either too cowardly, or simply didn’t want to set a precedent for any possible war crimes you might be accused of, to take them on. Only time will tell.
Health Care Reform: Single payer – which you had taken off the table even before reform work really began – became a strong public option. A strong public option became a laughingly weak public option. A laughingly weak public option became a Medicare buy-in. And then, a Medicare buy-in became Liebercare.

Now you’re forcing 30 million people who already can’t afford health care – otherwise they would have it (as you said time & again during the campaign) – to buy insurance from the vultures you’re now protecting? Something completely opposite of what campaigned on and without the benefit of a public option to control costs and keep the insurance thieves as honest as one can? Unacceptable.

But, the worst part of this health care reform bill that your laid back, Blasé attitude has wrought? You – a DEMOCRATIC president –enabled a handful of religious, anti-abortion zealots to do more damage to Roe than any Republican could have ever dreamed of.

By refusing to draw lines in the sand when it came to health care reform, you’ve not only allowed single payer, a public option & a Medicare buy-in to die, but your silence set woman’s rights back 40 years.

So, let’s review. You campaigned on insuring – no pun intended – that a strong public option was included in health care reform, insurance companies would have just a single seat at the table, prescription drug costs would be controlled with, among other things, allowing the re-importation of drugs, and there would be no “mandates.”

I guess this is what some tits & ass beauty pageant contestant might call, “opposite health care reform.”
Independent voters didn’t flee from you & the Democratic party over the summer because they believed what they were seeing at the town hall meetings or on Fox “news.”

They fled because, unlike your party faithful, they had no built-in blinders preventing them from seeing clearly how weak and cowardly you and the Democrats behaved as the GOP started steamrolling over you.

And, there’s nothing Independent voters like less than a president and a congress that won’t fight for what they believe in and stand up to the bullies in the school yard. They didn’t just want you to reach out a hand out to the GOP, they wanted you to slap them down after the GOP spit in your face. They felt betrayed that the man they thought would fight for them, allowed others to dictate terms of the debates on front of him.

Your polling is now in the crapper because your base has pretty much come to the same conclusion (also see here, here & here).

Congratulation, Mr. President! In less than a year, you took, you allowed Rahm Emanuel to take, what Howard Dean spent 4 years building – the foundation on which you were able to get elected – and demolished it.

Bravo, sir. Bravo.

(The actual card my letter is sent in - scan doesn't do it justice)
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