White House Censored "Pro-Gay" Video Interview w/ Domestic Policy Adviser Melody Barnes

I'm so angry right now I'm shaking.

From AmericaBlogGAY:

I just spoke with Nate Kenyon, the director of Marketing and Communications at the Boston College Law School, and he told me quite a bombshell for an administration in Washington that claims it isn't embarrassed of its gay supporters, and claims to believe in transparency.

According to Kenyon, the White House agreed to be the final arbiter of whether or not Boston College (BC) should censor a video of a talk that senior Obama domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes gave at Boston College's law school this past Monday. In the talk, Barnes was asked by BC law student Paul Sousa about gay marriage. Sousa claims that Barnes allegedly expressed sympathy for the position that gay couples should be permitted to marry. Monday evening, the White House vehemently denied to Sam Stein at Huffington Post (see link above) that Barnes said anything other than the White House official position, opposing marriage equality for gay couples.

That's when things get interesting. BC took a video of Barnes' talk. Sousa says that he has spent the past four days trying to get the college administration to release the video, to clear up once and for all what Barnes actually told the students at the public meeting. The video is only now reportedly to be released tomorrow, Friday afternoon (the traditional time in Washington for embarrassing documents to be dumped publicly). Sousa claims that numerous employees of Boston College told him that the video couldn't be released because the White House wouldn't let the college release it, at least until the administration could get a copy and see what in fact Barnes said about gay civil rights. Joe Sudbay and I were informed of this on Tuesday, but we waited until today, in order to get all the facts.

read these rest of this truly infuriating tale about our gay-rights advocate of an Obama administration..
I really have no words.

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