U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a Republican Money Machine

Check this out... The The U.S. Chamber of Commerce would like us all to believe they are “the voice of business.” As Think Progress notes, using their political donations as evidence, they're far from it:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which purports to be “the voice of business,” is run by a Republican money machine. As the nation’s largest lobbying shop, the Chamber is spending millions of dollars from its corporate members against President Obama’s progressive agenda of health care, energy, and financial reform. The Chamber claims that the “board’s membership is as diverse as the nation’s business community itself,” but this is false. A ThinkProgress analysis of federal election contribution data compiled by the LittleSis project has found that the Chamber’s 116-member board of directors has given more than six times as much money to Republican candidates and committees ($4,741,747) as it has to Democrats ($778,282), with $1,074,697 flowing to corporate political action committees:

Source: Center for American Progress Action Fund, from Federal
Election Commission data compiled by the LittleSis project of the
Public Accountability Initiative.
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