Terrible Journalism Yesterday at CNN

TPM's Josh Marshall point out that CNN's Wolf Blitzer really didn't do his credibility any favors yesterday when he demanded retired JAG, Col. John Galligan explain how he can defend Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hasan. Never mind that he is the JAG lawyer assigned by the military to defend Hasan or that people, even those known to be guilty as charged, deserves real representation. What the hell was this putz thinking?

TPM's Josh Marshall:

The vast majority of us understand that in our legal system everyone deserves a fair trial and the legal representation that makes that possible even if many of us, at a gut level, have a hard time understanding being the individual person who mounts a zealous defense of someone who is factually, if not yet legally, guilty of a horrific crime. But today I was surprised and almost nauseated to see Wolf Blitzer go in for the most stereotypical, craven and showboating knock-about of the retired JAG officer who's representing Nidal Hasan. (Hasan has a regular military defense counsel as well as a civilian attorney retained by his family.) It's not about ideology certainly or even theories of what's right or not about the law. But we know bullying and pompous showboating when we see it.

The retired JAG, Col. John Galligan, stood up to it very well. And actually got back in Blitzer's face in a way that's pretty hard to do and uncommon for a non-TV personality going up against a big shot host. If we want Hannity, we've got Fox for that. Right?

Here's the video:

He asks this as if "some people" -- not him of course -- really wanted to know. How this glorified gossip columnists got this job on CNN is still something I've never quite understood.

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