Teabaggers Provoke Protest Fist Fight. Guess They Didn't Like the "Amnesty, yes! Racists, no!" Chant

Two teabaggers crossed a counter-protest line & provoked a fist fight. It's all caught on video, unfortunately it was recorded by the teabagger, but as you can see if you watch the video, it's clear that a man with a handled camera walks right into the counter-protesters rally from the right. Even with video proof, the teabagger who posted the video lies about what happened (via ABC News):

Tea Partiers took to the streets that Saturday to protest President Obama's promised immigration reforms, which would offer some illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

In Fort Lauderdale, Fla., however, counterprotesters from ANSWER -- an antiwar, pro-immigration reform group -- also took to the streets, with one blaring, "Amnesty, yes. Racists, no," from a bullhorn. When two Tea Party activists entered their protest zone, a fight erupted as Tea Party and ANSWER protesters kicked and punched one another and spilled into the middle of a busy intersection.

[Note: The link is a YouTube video of the altercation provided by a Tea Party supporter. The fight includes profanity.]

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