SNL Skewers Fox News (and Glenn Beck) Over Their Election Coverage!

Ouch (via Rachel Sklar):

Last night’s Saturday Night Live opened with a sketch spoofing Fox News, its coverage of the election — and, of course, Glenn Beck.


Of course I like this sketch spoofing Fox News’ election coverage — it agrees with me. Nice Juan Williams from Kenan Thompson (mustache!), great Greta Van Susteren from Kristen Wiig, funny Karl Rove from Bobby Moynihan, and a shout-out to Joe Trippi, even if it’s clear that the SNL makeup people had no clue what he looked like. Best line in the whole thing: “Let’s not forget that it was under HIS watch that we lost the King of Pop.” A nit: Bill Hader as Shep Smith was way too smugly partisan, with shades of Keith Morrison. But on the flip side, I think Jason Sudeikis may need to get an Emmy for his impression of Glenn Beck. Outstanding.

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