She's Baaaaack: Tina Does Sarah

Tina Fey hosted the Ad Council Annual Dinner on Wednesday night. The "30 Rock" star and creator brought her Sarah Palin impersonation out for a nostalgic spin on the old dance floor.

From the Ad Council (h/t HuffPo's Rachel Wiener):

"Mrs. Palin and I continue to have so much in common," she said. "They recently made a porn movie about Sarah and then this same porn actress, Lisa Ann, played me in a parody of '30 Rock' ... And weirdly of the three of us, Lisa Ann knows the most about foreign policy."

"I feel like Sarah Palin right now," she said later, gesturing at her teleprompters. "It's not that hard." She went into her Palin voice, saying, "We'll begin with an issue that's so critical to the future opportunity ..." When the audience laughed, she added, "I'm gonna be doing that 'till I'm dead."
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