Sam Stein: "Palin's Enemies List: Lashes Out At The Media, Bloggers, And SNL Writers" (UPDATED)

Sam Stein details parts of Sarah Palin Ghost Writer's, "Going Rouge."

During the months that she served as the Republican Party's vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin had what could best be described as an acrimonious relationship with the press. Thrust into the national spotlight from relative political obscurity, the former Alaska Governor saw her professional record and personal story come under a powerful microscope. And as controversy was exposed and questions were raised, the animosity that Palin felt for the fourth estate became nearly all-consuming.

In her upcoming book, "Going Rogue," the former governor spends ample time airing her grievances with the way she was and continues to be treated by the media. The cast of characters she disparages range from the famous to the obscure, the national to the local - all of whom are accused of either peddling scandal or playing out political vendettas.


Mostly, she recoils at the fourth estate's supposed sanctimoniousness. "I was amazed at how many liberal pundits seemed floored by a pregnant teenager," she writes, "as if overnight they'd all snuck out and had traditional-values transplants."

From there, Palin accuses various outlets, including the Huffington Post, of mischaracterizing her appearance at the Wasilla Assembly of God church, in which she called the war in Iraq "a task from God."

She even bemoans the writers at Saturday Night Live for having bad taste.

I'm so glad others don't mind suffering through reading this & I can just copy & paste. ;-)


On the AP fact checkers (via Markos):
On Twitter, the AP was bragging about the 11 reporters it assigned to fact check Sarah Palin's new book.

That's fine and dandy.

But would it have killed them to assign 11 reporters to fact check Bush and Cheney's Iraq WMD claims?


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