Pres. Obama "Thrilled" by AMA, AARP House health Care Bill Endorsement

From MSNBC (h/t DKTV):

From the NY Times:

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Thursday hailed two major endorsements for a House health care overhaul as Democratic leaders scrambled for the final votes to win weekend approval of legislation that was encountering last-minute turbulence over abortion and immigration.

At the same time, Congressional Republicans sought to unleash the forces of an emerging conservative movement against the Democratic plan, urging thousands of opponents gathered for a quickly scheduled rally in front of the Capitol to help them do whatever it takes to defeat the legislation.

Making a surprise public appearance at the White House while the protest was under way, Mr. Obama pointed to backing from the American Medical Association and the AARP as evidence that those most familiar with the nation’s health care system view the Democratic plan as a way to correct its problems

“We are closer to passing this reform than ever before,” the president told reporters. “And now that the doctors and medical professionals of America are standing with us, now that the organizations charged with looking out for the interests of seniors are standing with us, we are even closer.”


And Democrats picked up one enthusiastic vote Thursday as John Garamendi of California was sworn in as a new representative of the Bay Area after his victory in a special election Tuesday night.

“This is something I have worked on for more than 35 years,” said Mr. Garamendi, a veteran state official. “This time we will get it done.”

John Garamendi would be one of the two Congressional seats (ie: Pro-public option/Democratic Votes FOR health care reform that the Democrats picked up on our supposedly "horrible" electoral night.


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