Palin Supporters Furious She Quit in Middle of Her Book Signing (UPDATED)

Sarah Palin quit a book signing event before she had signed all the books, and people who waited on line for hour and hours were not please.

From Think Progress:

People who didn’t get to meet Palin “went home only with a piece of paper with Palin’s signature.” Video from the event shows angry wristband-holders loudly booing Palin and yelling, “Sign our books!” and “Quittin’ on the job!”



DKTV has more video/news clips:

As both Kevin K. and Dave Weigel noted earlier today, Sarah Palin angered and disappointed fans in Noblesville, Indiana yesterday when she abruptly left a book signing promotion even though there were many fans still waiting in line to receive her signature on their newly purchased copies of Going Rogue.

Here’s a video compilation of reaction from fans stiffed by Palin broadcast by local Indiana news outlets:

Evidently, Plain apologized to her Indiana fanatics through her Facebook page:

"I've been told that yesterday there were supporters in Noblesville who stood in long lines for hours in the cold and rain, and the book signing event ended without a chance to say hello to everyone who showed up. I am so sorry. We are working on a solution for those who were left behind. I apologize."


Lawrence O'Donnell, covering for Keith Olbermann, discussed Palin's latest drama with guest Democratic Strategist, Chris Coffinas:
Palin angers fans

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