O'Donnell & Fineman Analyze Repercussions for GOP After Huge Loss in NY’s 23rd District


GOP division costs party New York seat

Nov. 4: Newsweek’s Howard Fineman talks about the Republican Party’s loss in New York's 23rd district as a likely harbinger of how the far right will doom the party to failure.

Keep in mind, Bill Owens won the first of TWO seats (votes) Democrats can add toward enacting health care reform. John Garamendi of CA-10 is the other.

The media leaves these details out when talking about the supposed "terrible night" us Democrats had on election day.

Governors don't vote on legislation. Members of Congress do. And, we now have TWO more, Democratic Members of Congress, giving Speaker Pelosi a little more cushion against those conservadem/blue dogs who plan on voting against reform.

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