MN Tea Party Punk'd

You just have to see this. Teabaggers got punk'd at a rally the other day when a man who they thought was one of them, started to veer off into what turned out to be an anti-immigrant rant at the illegal immigrant, Christopher Columbus, declaring, ""Columbus Go Home!"

From Christopher Day:

I think this speaks for itself:

Bascially, several dozen Tea Baggers held an anti-immigration rally on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol where they were met by an only slightly smaller group of counter-protesters.

The highlight of the event is the speech by "Robert Erickson," a "concerned citizen from Minneapolis." Erickson launches into what seems like a standard red-meat anti-immigrant speech. His real intentions are betrayed only by a slight smirk. It is only when he accuses immigrants of spreading disease and then indicts them for "killing millions" with small pox that it becomes clear that the immigrants he has in mind are the European conquerors of North America and their descendants.

The Tea-Baggers seem pretty clueless, and for the most part don't even seem to realize they have been punk'd, even when Erickson closes out with a chant of "Columbus Go Home!"

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