Memo to Hannity: Democrats Swept Congressional Races Last Week

It seems someone is starting to believe their own propaganda. Media Matters would like to remind Sean Hannity that it was the Democrats, not the Republicans, who swept all congressional races last week:

Pointing to Republican victories in last week's gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia, Sean Hannity asked if they are "a preview of sort of what a lot of people expected what happened in '93, '94 to happen here," specifically that "the Republicans can take back the House and Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker."

FACT: Democrats won both special elections in the House of Representatives. Although Hannity highlighted Republican gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia in invoking the 1994 "Republican Revolution" in which the GOP took control of both houses of Congress, he failed to mention that in the Congressional elections held last week, Democratic candidates won. Indeed, in both special elections for the House of Representatives, New York's 23rd Congressional District and California's 10th Congressional District, a Democrat was elected.

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