MARKOS' Boycott Call: "Ditch the DCCC"

Like AmericaBlog, DailyKos' Markos Moulitsas is calling for a boycott. This one's against the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

And, like my already having stopped giving to the the DNC for the very reasons I explained in my post, AMERICABLOG Boycott: "Don't Ask, Don't Give," Markos is calling for others to stop giving to the DCCC for those very same reasons.

Here's his call to action and his reasons why:

I wrote a week or so ago that donating to the DCCC was donating to anti-health care reform Dems. Here was the list, and their final vote:

AL-02 (Bright, Blue Dog -- NO)
AL-05 (Griffith, Blue Dog -- NO)
AR-02 (Snyder -- YES)
CO-04 (Markey -- NO)
FL-08 (Grayson -- YES)
ID-01 (Minnick, Blue Dog -- NO)
IN-09 (Hill, Blue Dog -- YES)
MD-01 (Kratovil, Blue Dog -- NO)
MS-01 (Childers, Blue Dog -- NO)
NH-01 (Shea-Porter -- YES)
NM-02 (Teague -- NO)
OH-01 (Driehaus -- YES)
OH-15 (Kilroy -- YES)
OH-16 (Boccieri -- NO)
OH-18 (Space, Blue Dog -- YES)
TN-08 (Tanner, Blue Dog -- NO)
VA-02 (Nye, Blue Dog -- NO)
VA-05 (Periello -- YES)

[...] This is where the bulk of the DCCC's money is going to go -- supporting Democrats who didn't just vote against the party's most important piece of legislation in decades, but also threatened to vote against it if the legislation didn't get in the way of a patient and her doctor (along with obviously hypocritical Republicans) on a LEGAL procedure.

So here's the bottom line -- skip any donations to the DCCC. Their first priority is incumbent retention, and they're (necessarily) issue agnostic. They'll be dumping millions into defending these seats. Instead, give to those elected officials who best reflect your values.

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