Joe Lieberman's Afraid to Debate Rachel Maddow

Sad but so: No Joe

Rachel Maddow shows what happened when Mike Stark, from StarkReports.com, asked Sen. Joe Lieberman if he would join Rachel in a debate about health reform.

Mike Stark originally reported this video encounter on his site, StarkReports.com:
Rachel has a “point of view”

That’s what Joe Lieberman says when asked if he’ll go on Rachel Maddow’s show to have an honest debate on health care. Evidently that’s a disqualifying attribute so far as Senator for Connecticut is concerned.

No word on why he feels comfortable appearing as a frequent guest on Sean Hannity’s programs.

Also see, And in the Sixth Month, Joe Lieberman Created a Sixth Excuse (for Not Supporting a "Public option"):
In it, the Washington Monthly's Steve Benen itemizes Joe Lieberman's excuse/lies about why he won't support health care reform if it includes the dreaded "Public option."

read the various excuses...
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