In a Book Full of Complaints, Sarah Palin Writes: "I don't like to hear people complain."

Media Matters points out the irony from Sarah Palin's calim in her upcoming book that she doesn't "like to hear people complain."

In her forthcoming memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin writes, "I don't like to hear people complain," before stating one "complaint for the record" about the national media. However, Palin's professed distaste for "complaints" is undercut by the numerous complaints that fill the pages of Going Rogue -- complaints directed at specific media personalities, national and local media outlets, and the McCain campaign.

Palin: "I don't like to hear people complain"

On Page 348 of Going Rogue, Palin writes:

Every action we took -- or didn't take -- was fodder for the national media. It was a pathetic and chilling thing to watch because I knew we weren't the first this had happened to, and won't be the last -- until Americans say enough.

I don't like to hear people complain; I am always the first to say, "Buck up or stay in the truck." You have a choice about how to react to circumstances. But I will state this complaint for the record: what used to be called "mainstream" national media are, in many respects, worthless as a source of factual information anymore. The sin of omission glares in their reporting. Perhaps national press outlets just don't have the resources anymore to devote to balanced coverage. Perhaps they've all just given up on themselves, so we've given up on them, too, except to treat their shoddy reporting like a car crash -- sometimes you just have to look.

Complaints abound in Going Rogue


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