Howard Dean Compares "Sanctimonious" David Broder to a "Inside the Beltway" Gossip Columnist

LOL. The biggest beltway bloviator the chattering class has to offer, David Broder, wrote a one of his tedious denunciations (of the healthcare bill & Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid).

Reid's responded to Border's attack (via TPM):

"To focus on a man who has been retired for many years and writes a column once in a while is not where we should be."

Enter Gov. Howard Dean.

While appearing on Morning Doucheborough, Joe asked Dean what he thought of Broder's latest pontification. Dean, jumping on the Harry Reid "Border who?" bandwagon, didn't disappoint (h/t

Here's Suzie describing Dean's commentary on Borders and the hysterical reaction to it:
Dean launched into a spirited defense of Reid and dismissed Broder, calling him "sanctimonious." He compared the classic "inside the Beltway columnist" to a gossip columnist.

PBS's Martin Savidge, clearly a Very Serious Person, was so upset, he was practically sputtering, and retorted that Broder "a very serious writer." Dean said the Beltway was incestuous and talking to the same so-called "experts" all the time was like writing a gossip column.

Savidge responded indignantly, "We call it good journalism." Yep, just like it was good journalism when Broder was riding Obama for not taking a running leap into the Afghan war.

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