Headzup Threefer: Lieberman v Maddow, Stewart v Palin & Blackwater's Thanksgiving in Pakistan

A Thanksgiving threefer from Headzup:

Blackwater's Thanksgiving War In Pakistan

Erik Prince, the founder of mercenary army Blackwater, XE, and Total Intelligence Solutions, discusses the report by the Nation's Jeremy Scahill that Blackwater is running a secret war and assassination ring in Pakistan.

Joe Lieberman Runs From Rachel Maddow's "Point Of View"
Joe Lieberman is asked about why he is avoiding going on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show to discuss health care reform and the public option. Lieberman states that he won't appear because Maddow has a "point of view", while he regularly appears on Sean Hannity & Fox News... which also have a point of view.

Martha Stewart Calls Sarah Palin "Dangerous" & "Confused"
Martha Stewart talks about her interview where she called Sarah Palin "confused", "dangerous", and that she "wouldn't watch her if you paid me."

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