Glenn Greenwald: Run From A Progressive Agenda & Piss of the Base, You Lose Big On Election Day

In a NY Times discussion about what happened on election night, Glenn Greenwald explains why Democrats lost both NJ & VA's Governorships:

On Creigh Deeds in VA -- Run from a progressive agenda & piss of the base, you lose big:

The defeat of Creigh Deeds, the Democrat in the Virginia governor’s race, offers a different lesson — one that Democrats should have learned long ago but simply refuse to recognize.

The crux of Mr. Deeds’s strategy was to distance himself from the core progressive agenda to secure independent and “centrist” votes. The predictable outcome was that the Democratic base in Virginia was unenthusiastic about his candidacy and simply stayed home.

The Republicans have long been aware that victory, especially in midterm elections, requires turnout, which in turn requires energizing the party’s base. That can be accomplished only with candidates who unapologetically advocate for the political values that motivate the party’s core voters.

Conversely, an attempt to run away from the positions of one’s most loyal voters — in an artificial attempt to appear “moderate” and trans-partisan — deprives the party’s most engaged supporters of any reason to vote.
On John Corzine's loss & Mike Bloomberg's much closer than expected re-election -- Wall Streeters beware:

That’s unsurprising in light of the economic meltdown and rising unemployment rates. But it does seem significant that two of the under-performing candidates — the billionaire Bloomberg and Mr. Corzine, formerly of Goldman Sachs — are both Wall Street tycoons.

Because both parties are so dependent upon the banking industry for their campaign financing, neither has been willing to capitalize on the public’s anger and resentment toward Wall Street. Last night’s results provide further evidence that these sentiments are pervasive and intense.

He concludes:
But there is clearly a rising dissatisfaction with the political class among voters, and the majority party typically bears the brunt of that backlash. Tuesday night may be the first sign of that process if Democrats do not remember who elected them and why.

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